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Client: Monzo


Goal: Position Monzo as the number one challenger brand in banking, in order to generate investment from everyday investors for a crowdfunding campaign, and later VCs for a large £15 million fundraise.

Our idea in a nutshell: As one of a new wave of digital banks our idea was to focus on the company’s ambition to be the facebook of consumer banking, highlighting that Monzo was founded and created by a young tech-savvy team that is doing things truly differently and is passionate about its customers. As two limited-time campaigns we aimed to secure features and profiles discussing the future of consumer banking in top tier publications.

Execution and results: Undeterred by a forced name change between campaigns, pitch activity resulted in profiles in Business Life magazine with a captive readership of 700,000 ABC1, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Times, the Financial Times and Management Today, and a briefing meeting with the The Economist. Followed up with news about the world’s fastest crowdfund (60 seconds) that achieved widespread coverage. The company is regularly called the facebook of consumer banking.

Impact for Monzo: The company successfully raised £1 million on Crowdcube in a record breaking 60 seconds and went on to raise £15 million from VCs in the same year.

Monzo has gone on to break records with a £20 million crowdfund round in 2018 and has grown from a community of 40,000 customers to over one million in just two years.

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