Nicola Males

Nicola Males

Sector Focus: Tech (AI, employee engagement, retail technology), logistics, warehouse management, data analysis.

B2B Background: Edelman Worldwide, Hoffman Agency, Novell, Systems Union, Microsoft, Text 100

B2C Background: Shutl, InPost, Heatkeeper, Vodafone

Career start: WordPerfect/Novell, Edelman Worldwide

Loves: Hitting the road in our campervan and all things creative, photography, pottery and learning anything new!

Most proud of:

  • Winning a PR Week Award for best achieving Freelance PR
  • Working with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to large FTSE 500 enterprises and creating PR programmes nuanced for their audiences
  • Having nurtured a number of key media contacts across both national and vertical press after a 25 year history in PR
Nicola Males

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