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Kantar - Christmas Ads

Client: Kantar UK

Goal: Eureka was challenged with finding new opportunities to build fame for Kantar’s expertise on what makes the most advertising. In the UK the airing of the first Christmas ads by retailers starts a flurry of media buzz and signals, for many consumers, the start of the Christmas season. Kantar wanted to use the PR buzz to increase traffic to its website, encourage downloads of its report on what makes great advertising to generate sales leads.

Establishing Kantar as ‘the voice of Christmas advertising’
Eureka planned and executed a multi-layered media relations campaign, backed by in-depth analysis from Kantar’s homegrown experts to put the findings in context.

Research by Kantar analysed the ads as they launched by retailers such as John Lewis, Aldi and brands like Coca Cola. It identified which brands and retailers were hitting the right note with Christmas shoppers and provided insights on what this tell us about advertising overall with some key learnings for its audience of marketers and insights professionals.

Tactics included a teaser media alert, quickfire expert opinion on individual ads, thought leadership articles, an exclusive preview for Marketing Week, and a news release announcing the year’s most powerful Christmas ad: Coca-Cola’s ‘Holidays are Coming’ Trucks spot.

Through exploring the strategies that drive success, we showcased Kantar’s capabilities to its key audiences, while deriving valuable insights around what really makes ads resonate with consumers. And these are ‘not just for Christmas’: the client applies this understanding to help brands and retailers create effective campaigns year-round.

The impact:

  • The campaign directly generated 106 marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and £127,000 in net sales.
  • Four big name clients invested in Kantar’s LINK ad testing platform.
  • 32 pieces of coverage were achieved across tier 1 marketing, business, retail and national press – the majority quoting Kantar’s spokesperson.
  • Every piece reflected the message that getting consumer feedback on creative results in confident decision-making, increased sales and a stronger brand.

  • 106 marketing qualified leads (MQLs)
  • £127,000 net sales
  • 4 major new contracts signed

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