IRI | Making IRI the go-to commentators on HFSS ‘junk food’ regulations

Client: IRI UK

Goal: IRI the go-to commentators on HFSS ‘junk food’ regulations and promoting IRI’s market leading analysis and insight on core aspects of the regulations, from in-store promotions to the impact on media advertising

Our idea in a nutshell: Drive IRI awareness and credibility around new UK Government regulations (announced in 2020) to restrict the promotion of high fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) foods from the end of 2022. The emphasis for the PR team was on speed and expert thought leadership – getting IRI comment to the media quickly and ahead of the competition


  • Created a flexible campaign that could evolve as new HFSS developments were announced and as new IRI data analysis and insights becomes available but that would reinforce key messages about IRI
  • Cherry-picked tactics from PR toolkit, including rapid response, commentary, news, opinion articles and blogs
  • Fast response comment – we reacted and issued comment (within 24 hours) following the Queen’s Speech to Parliament in May, which mentioned HFSS regulations
  • Reached out to other industry influencers too – we built a relationship with te high profile industry association Food and Drink Federation (FDF), which has used IRI data in media commentary from CEO Tim Rycroft and has since collaborated with IRI on other marketing activities, clearly demonstrating that PR is more than press relations
  • Raised awareness of IRI experts from across the company addressing multiple areas of IRI’s solutions for retailers and brands


  • Successfully placed IRI front of mind for UK (and some international) retail/media and FMCG reporters – IRI ha become one of the most quoted data analysis companies on this topic, with IRI data and insight frequently picked up and reused by multiple media outlets
  • Delivered 70+ pieces of coverage on HFSS topics, including the impact of the regulations on the advertising industry, on convenience stores, and on retailers’ in-store promotions and display
  • Secured 10 articles (interviews for analysis pieces and opinion articles bylined to IRI) in the UK’s leading grocery trade publication, The Grocer
  • Extensive results in other FMCG retail and sector publications, Confectionery News, Bakeryandsnacks, Retail Times, Foodnavigator, Snacks Magazine, European Supermarket Magazine, British Baker, and, for the first time, Retail Week

Impact for IRI UK:
This combination of timely and informative PR, social media and website partnerships and a webinar organised by IRI (which was, with over 800 registrations, the mostwatched webinar ever for IRI UK ) as part of an overall lead generation campaign has had a tangible impact for IRI.

While the campaign is on-going and will evolve over the next few months, it has already driven more than £250,000 worth of analytics revenue for the business. IRI expects the longer term impact to continue well into 2022.

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