Amanda Hassell

Amanda Hassell

Sector Focus: Media and stakeholder relations for technology (security, consumer tech, networking, wireless), retail, marketing, industry bodies, third sector, energy, engineering and environmental management

B2B Background: Technology – Cap Gemini, CSC, CA, Symantec, Unisys, NTT Security, ISF, Wi-SUN Alliance, IRI

B2C Background: Skype,, Crowdcube, Osram, Sage

Career start: 1990 at WordPerfect

Loves: Diving, travelling, animals, ’70s films and music

Most proud of:

  • Launching a small HR company on a tiny budget and getting them on TV and 7 radio stations
  • Working on major disruptive brands like Skype that have become household names; building brands, readying for acquisition (Captor, ScanSafe, Innovision, Meru Networks and Saaspoint)
Amanda Hassell

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