Current clients:

Rosie Riley, Head of Marketing at Millward Brown: "Teresa has been a real dose of rocket fuel to our external communications. As a result, the PR element of our marketing has never worked so well. We are getting fantastic press coverage and some really great speaker opportunities. As a result, we are really changing perceptions and raising awareness of Millward Brown as a leading brand, media and communications market research company."

Barry Llewellyn, VP of Sales and Marketing at PacketVision: "Teresa is a superb communications specialist. She has made a significant difference to our industry profile over the last year and her advice and guidance has been invaluable. Teresa is a strategic thinker who rolls her sleeves up with each project. She genuinely cares about her clients and produces fantastic results."

Past clients:

Colin MacAdam, Commercial Director at Cognito Ltd: "We have been impressed with Teresa and her team’s immediate connection with our business and her evident focus on action. They have got our PR campaign off to a great start with a distinctly refreshing approach not available from other PR agencies. They have made it a priority to understand our short and medium term business opportunities so that we can derive benefits at the earliest opportunity. We are delighted with the quality and value of the work they’re producing."

Kathleen McVey, Director of Corporate Marketing, Arcot Systems: "I have had the pleasure of working with Teresa Horscroft while working for Arcot Systems. Teresa exhibits outstanding skills in writing and has an exceptional understanding of the security industry. She is a talented and highly motivated individual. Teresa is always a joy to be around and to work with. If had the opportunity, I would choose to work with her again."